Cane Bay Partners Works to Provide the Highest Level of Service

Kirk Chewning is one of Cane Bay’s partners and he has been working tirelessly to make sure all of the company’s clients receive the highest level of service available. Those who are interested in the company or Mr. Chewning’s work need to read further so they can learn as much as possible.

How Did Mr. Chewning Get His Start?

In the business world, getting the right start is essential and Mr. Chewning’s start began with him seeking his education. He attended the Michigan State University and was successful in graduating with a degree in finance from the school’s Eli Broad College of Business. Kirk believes education is vital for getting ahead in life and being able to pursue one’s dreams.

Because of his passion for education, he consistently volunteers by teaching corporate skills to college-level students all over North America. He believes in giving back as much as possible and wants to see future generations rise up and be successful because of the education they have received.

Professional Growth Is Important

With each company he has worked with, Kirk has brought his skills and education to the table, improving the company and growing in his career. For twenty years, he has worked in the financial services industry, which has allowed him to shine at Cane Bay Partners. The following are some of the positions he has held over the years.

  • TransDotSolutions – Kirk served as the executive vice president
  • Global Bank – Kirk served as Vice President
  • Technology and Marketing Firm – Kirk served as a senior consultant

He also founded and helped develop several start-up technology firms in his career. Today, Kirk serves as a partner for Cane Bay Partners and has been working tirelessly to provide for the needs of his clients so they can receive the financial services they need.

If you are interested in learning more about Mr. Chewning or Cane Bay Partners, make sure to visit the website today. Visiting the website will allow individuals to learn more about the services Cane Bay Partners offer. Call today with any questions you might have so you can get the answers you need.