How To Write A Good and Writing Tutorials a Novel

The writing industry has a market of billions of readers. Today you even have the choice of selling your novel online or sending it to a publisher to promote and sell it for you. The number of publishers has increased over the past few years offering new and upcoming authors more choice. The competition for the large market of readers has therefore increased and continues to increase steadily. You may get your book published but it may not sell. It is therefore important to get the right guidance when writing a novel.

There are many writing tutorials online to help the first time author learn how to write a good novel. It is however important to be careful to avoid those that offer more than they can deliver. Do not be taken in by online writing tutorials that promise the publication or success of your book. This will depend a lot on the structure of your plot, the strength of your characters and the theme of your book. No tutorial can ensure that these aspects of your book will appeal to a wide audience.

A good writing tutorial offering you tips on how to write a good novel will only offer you guidance and not false hopes. A good writing tutorial should guide you step by step through the planning and research process to the actual writing. A good writing tutorial teaches you how to write a good novel by offering you practical tips that you can apply and practice. There are many such tutorials online. Compare the different tutorials and pick those things that will be beneficial to you. There is no single formula to writing. Use what works for you.