Reading To Your Toddler

Reading to your toddler is one of the most enjoyable things you can do to with your child. It is fun, good bonding time and hugely beneficial to your child. It has a calming effect on the child.

Reading exposes the child to various different words and this improves the vocabulary of the child. The listening word starts to become the written word when he she enter preschool or kindergarten.

It establishes a routine. Like for example reading a couple of books before bed time Reading a story before morning tea time.

And what about the effect it has on the child’s imagination When you read a book to your child, the child imagines himself being a part of the story He can get lost in the book and this so good for him.

Reading helps develops your child’s listening skills. It increases his attention span. Might not happen after one book, might not even happen after 10 books But in due course you will see the attention span of your child increase hugely.

And here is the most important benefit of all reading to a child will encourage him or her to become a reader. It will increase their desire to read for themselves.


Toddler Reading Lesson Plans

Mastering the skill of reading is an essential requirement in everyday life. So, I think you will agree with the opinion of many, that the earlier you master reading, the better. The number of parents/guardians teaching their toddlers how to read, is rapidly growing in today’s society.

Parents and caregivers alike, are not teaching their toddlers how to read in order to be trendy, but to give their child a brighter beginning for a successful future.

Giving your toddler lesson plans for reading promotes improvement in the brains’ neural synapses. The firing of the neural synapses grants him/her the ability to generate intellect.

Teaching your toddler how to read, also, dramatically decreases his/her chances of possessing a low self-esteem, which is a rapidly growing crisis in our youth.

When teaching your toddler how to read, keep this in mind; the delicate, growing brain of a toddler can be trained to read, but only to a certain extent. Mostly, the educated toddlers are familiar with their ABC’s, and whole words, but lack the ability to read smoothly or understand what they’re reading.

The plus side to this is that, as your toddler gets older, he/she has already started developing comprehension skills.

You should not be alarmed if

Reading Comprehension Strategies That Work For Kids

Are you looking for ways to help your child improve reading comprehension? Here are 8 key reading strategies used by elementary school teachers nationwide for improving reading comprehension. You can support your childs learning by practicing these comprehension activities at home.

Encourage your child to:

-Ask questions about the text. Provide opportunities for them to research unanswered questions online or at the library.
-Make predictions about the text based on prior knowledge and by looking at the pictures. Make sure your child checks to see if his/her predictions were correct.
-Make connections: Does the book remind your child about something he/she has personally experienced or read about before?
-Compare and contrast characters in the book. Encourage your child to think beyond surface-level observations and compare the actions and motivations of different characters.
-Summarize what happens in the beginning, middle, and end of the story. This is a key comprehension skill that will later allow your child to organize thoughts into paragraphs and essays. Children as young as preschool can practice this by drawing pictures of different parts of the story.
-Visualize what is happening in the story. Find descriptive words in the text to help your child make a mental picture. This

How Does Mind Psychology Do The Readings

With so many difficulty of human it is absolutely hard to read what is within the mind of a person. To analyze a person thinking is a hard task. However, there are some people who are eager to know the behavior of human and they found themselves studying it. These persons are called psychologists.

May you are thinking how psychologists read the mind of a person? They do not possess powers that allow them to read minds. Through practicing and observing they are able to enhance their skill in mind reading. They get to know a certain person even before they analyze their minds. Through meetings they develop relationship by conducting maintenance and interface. Through these as well they apply plans that will enable other person to show things incorporated with his life.

As time goes by, through studying they are able to how a certain person respond to at a given circumstances based on the event in their life. By means of this mind psychology readers can explains the words and actions of a certain person. Mind psychology readers are nice readers of body language. They have thoughts that emotion in human are mostly concealed in the mind and perceptible themselves

Individual And Society In The Novels Of Manju Kapur

INDIVIDUAL AND SOCIETY IN THE NOVELS OF MANJU KAPUR Manju Kapur has joined the growing number of women writers from India, like Shashi Despande, Arundhati Roy, Githa Hariharan, Shobba De On whom the image of the suffering but stoic women eventually breaking traditional boundaries has had, a significant impact.

They invigorated the English language to suit representations and narration of what they felt about their women and their lives in post modern India. In a culture where individualism and prated have often remained alien ideas and marital bless and the women’s role at home is a central focus. These modern-day women authors are now expressing themselves freely and boldly and on a variety of themes without adopting feminist postures. Manju Kapur’s novels acquire a significant new meaning when read in the point of view of crisscross dogmas of cultural critical thinking.

Manju Kapur’s novels furnish examples of a whole range of attitudes towards the importation of tradition. However, Mrs. Kapur seems aware of the fact that the women of India have indeed achieved their success in sixty years of Independence, but if there is to be a true female independence, too much remains to be done. The conflict for autonomy and separate

How To Write An Engaging Book Review


book photoA book review is basically a brief description of the book that entices readers to buy a book or simply ignore it. Writing book reviews is no mean feat. It involves various factors that need to be taken into consideration. If you have liked the book, you are required to justify it with relevant reasons and points for liking it. If you think the book is not convincing and engaging enough, you need to highlight the areas where you think the author has faltered. Book reviews are intended to help readers make an appropriate decision.

Video book reviews are fast catching up. You can make a video on YouTube and have it circulated. The power of online social media cannot be underestimated. Web savvy users like to look up the web for any information they want. We live in an era of instant gratification where people want everything at their disposal, at the touch of a button! They want things quick! This also includes engaging book reviews. This explains the sky rocketing popularity of video sharing websites like YouTube. As a matter of fact, the popularity of YouTube is growing by

Aerial Advertising A Novel Concept

If youre looking for a new and different way to get your companys message across, consider aerial advertising.

It might not seem like the most obvious, reasonable use of your advertising dollar, to employ plane advertising, but humor us for a moment.

Think about the myriad of ads you see and read on a daily basis. There could be hundreds, when you consider the newspaper advertising, the ads on the radio and television, and billboards.

Now think about the ads you have seen and ask yourself how many you remember. Maybe you remember the nearly naked woman, but anything else? Do you even remember the product she was selling? Do you remember the ads you saw for energy drinks and jewelry?

Its likely the answer is no. But you might likely remember that plane flying over the beach last summer. You remember what it looked like, what it sounded like, and best of all you remember the banner it was towing. Thats because aerial advertising is one of the best uses of advertising dollars. People remember the message they see when its towed behind a plane.

Why do people respond well to airplane advertising? Its likely due to the novelty factor. We are bombarded with

How To Write A Good and Writing Tutorials a Novel

The writing industry has a market of billions of readers. Today you even have the choice of selling your novel online or sending it to a publisher to promote and sell it for you. The number of publishers has increased over the past few years offering new and upcoming authors more choice. The competition for the large market of readers has therefore increased and continues to increase steadily. You may get your book published but it may not sell. It is therefore important to get the right guidance when writing a novel.

There are many writing tutorials online to help the first time author learn how to write a good novel. It is however important to be careful to avoid those that offer more than they can deliver. Do not be taken in by online writing tutorials that promise the publication or success of your book. This will depend a lot on the structure of your plot, the strength of your characters and the theme of your book. No tutorial can ensure that these aspects of your book will appeal to a wide audience.

A good writing tutorial offering you tips on how to write a good novel will only offer you

Free audio books what is the best method

When I was young I read all the books written by Douglas Adams. I liked it so much that I have managed to persuade my parents to buy the audio books of the titles I have read. I remember getting larges boxes with up to twenty audio cassettes for each book and listening to one cassette each night. Today one can get audio books in 3 different methods audio books on cassettes, audio books on CDs and audio books on MP3 or other media files. In this article I will examine the pros and cons of each audio book method.

1. Audio books on cassettes are the oldest method. Their quality is moderate. However, their quality maintains stable for long periods. Each cassette usually contains one or two chapters of the audio book. Most of the listeners find it inconvenient to change the cassettes so frequently. However, some find it easy having a cassette for each chapter. The main disadvantage of audio books on cassettes is the fact that audio book on cassettes weight more than the old fashioned book and occupies more space. It is definitely less convenient. Furthermore, it costs more than the same title on all other methods

Portrayal of Women in the Novels of Manju Kapur

Negotiatingwomanhood in the Novels of Manju Kapur BY DR. RAM SHARMA, SENIOR LECTURER, DEPT OF ENGLISH, J.V.P.G COLLEGE,BARAUT,BAGHPAT,U.P. – AND -Neelam jain, Principal-M.R.International School Jagadhry Road, Bilaspur Yamuna Nagar, Haryana, Pin-135102

Though the concept of woman as a prime negotiator is as old as mankind itself, for it becomes a sine qua non for her social existence and discharge of responsibilities, yet it gained currency during the Victorian era, which was significant for the spirit of conflict and compromise in political, social, economic and cultural sphere. In politics a woman was raised to the status of heading a state that was to be an empire, in which -the sun did never set’; in social sphere woman came to a compromising position, when Tennyson, the representative poet, went to the extent of saying, -he to command, she to obey’. Since ages woman is in negotiation with her male counterpart as well as our androcentric society. Women are an integral part of human civilization. No society or country can ever progress without an active participation of women in its overall development. Unfortunately, men have always looked down upon women as the weaker sex, as their property and object of pleasure. Down the ages